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Cesar Chicken & Liver Entree

$1.39 CAD

With the delicate combination of chicken and liver, your small dog can enjoy extraordinary taste and nutrition in every delectable bite. This pâté-style loaf with chicken and liver provides complete, balanced nutrition and a source of moisture that can be beneficial to small dogs. Gram-for-gram, wet foods like the Cesar® brand have fewer calories than dry food.


- Made with poultry, simmered in a delicious sauce

- High quality protein for easy digestion

- 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult small dogs

- Gram-for-gram has fewer calories than dry food

- High moisture content helps support a healthy urinary tract

Ingredients: Meat by-products, Poultry by-products, Chicken, Liver, Natural Flavours, Vegetable Gums, Dried Yam, Colour, Sodium Nitrite (for colour retention), Vitamins and Minerals, Water sufficient for processing.
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