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Furminator Vacuum Accessory Tool

$25.99 CAD

This unique vacuum accessory is compatible with small, medium and large size FURminator deShedding tools and includes two removable heads to adjust to your deShedding tool size, along with two attachments to fit a variety of vacuum hoses. While spending time with your adorable pooches and kitties may top your list of enjoyable pastimes, cleaning up the fur that they leave behind on your clothing, flooring and furniture may not be one of them. While Furminator deShedding tools reduce shedding up to 90%, this convenient and easy-to-use accessory aids your deShedding tool by quickly removing the pet fur or hair it picks up off of your pet. In addition, with this attachment and your deShedding tool, preventing hairballs in cats is now faster and easier than ever. You will wonder how you managed all this time without this accessory!

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