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Kong Holiday Cat Toy Kickeroo Refillable

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Your frisky feline will certainly get a kick out of a KONG Holiday Kickeroo Refillable Cat Toy. Why? Because it’s long and floppy, has a fluffy tail, is decked out in festive holiday colors and is filled with catnip! Put all these features together and your kitty will be just giddy, batting this toy around, wrestling with it, kicking it with her hind paws, chewing on it and cuddling with it. And while the premium catnip inside will last a long time, you can easily refill the Kickeroo to freshen it up whenever it starts losing its zing. You’ve just made your tabby very happy!


Soft and brightly colored, with a fluffy tail — cats can’t resist!
Filled with premium, long-lasting catnip.
Refillable when it needs a refresh.
Stimulates active play, triggers natural hunting instincts and encourages exercise.
Appropriate for cats of all ages.

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Kong Holiday Cat Toy Kickeroo Refillable


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