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Melissa's Aloe-Pet

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Melissa's Aloe-Pet is formulated to provide a wide array of natural vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. A shortage of any of these nutrients in the diet may cause the immune system to become adversely impacted.

Signs of health issues begin on the skin in the form of psoriasis, itchiness, and hot spots. Another indication appears in the joints as arthritis. The organs (liver, kidneys) may then demonstrate symptoms causing cell mutation, such as cancer.

Aloe Vera and Cactus Juice provide many of the essential vitamins and minerals lacking in the diet, as well as assisting to relieve the discomfort of Fleas and Ticks. The Flax Seed provides the nutrients for healthy skin.

By feeding your pets Melissa’s Aloe-Pet daily you are providing many of the essential nutrients that can help maintain a healthy robust body.

How can Melissa’s Aloe-Pet help your pet?

For Hot Spots: Hot spots are surface skin infections caused when populations of normal skin bacteria grow and overwhelm normal resistance. They are generally circular patches that lose hair, can be swollen, may exude a smelly pus, and can be very painfully and itchy, causing the dog to scratch, lick, or bite to the point of self-mutilation. Untreated hot spots can spread and provoke a normally even-tempered dog to growl or nip when touched.

Dogs most susceptible to hot spots are those with heavy coats and histories of allergies, ear infections, flea infestations, irritated anal sacs, and grooming problems such as hair tangles and mats, but any dog can develop this infection. Dogs in warm, humid climates may develop hot spots when they shed their undercoats if the dead hair is trapped next to the skin, and dogs with behavior problems may mutilate themselves by licking and thus encourage an infection to become established.

The most common locations for hot spots are the legs and feet, flanks, and rump - areas that can be reached by licking or biting - but these localized infections can also appear on the ears, neck, and chest if the dog is continually scratching.

For best results feed Aloe-Pet internally daily and apply (spray or rub) Melissa's Aloe-Pet onto the affected area.
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