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Perfect Coat Black Pearl Shampoo & Conditioner

$8.99 CAD

Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo uses natural black pearlescents to give your dog an amazing coat. This easy-rinse shampoo helps maintains the rich shine of black and darker coats, with added Aloe Vera and other moisturizing conditioners to leave your dog's skin and coat shiny and soft.

  • Easy rinse formula makes bath time a breeze
  • Helps keep dark & black coats looking rich & silky
  • Long-lasting berry scent

The easy rinse formula effortlessly washes away soap and lather, cutting bath time in half. This leaves no buildup, no excess oils, and no frustration!

Made in the USA.

Directions: Apply liberal amount of shampoo to wet coat. Gently massage from head to tail while avoiding eyes. Rinse completely and repeat as necessary. Brush coat to remove tangles and towel dry thoroughly.

Contains: Water, Mild Surfactant Blend, Pearling, Rinsing and Conditioning Agents, Aloe Vera Gel, Fragrance, Awapuhi Extract, Preservatives (Diazolidinyl Urea, Parabens), FD&C Red #33, FD&C Blue #1 and Salt.

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