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Pro Plan Cat Food Adult Hairball Management

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Because even healthy cats need extra care sometimes, Pro Plan has developed focused nutritional formulas for specific health needs. Pro Plan formulas provide nutritional solutions for special health issues, like adding more natural fiber to help control hairballs. Still offering the same great taste and balanced nutrition, Pro Plan Focus Hairball Management Cat Food gives your cat the special extras needed to maintain their optimal health. Uses natural fiber to gently and efficiently move hair through the digestive tract. Provides high levels of protein to help maintain muscle mass for strength and a healthy energy level. Vital antioxidant blend helps promote healthy cells by minimizing free radicals. Helps reduce the accumulation of plaque and tartar and maintain healthy teeth. Real chicken is the #1 ingredient to satisfy even the most finicky cat. Highly digestible formula lets your cat put more nutrition to work, so less passes through as waste.

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