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Royal Canin Wet Dog Food Pouch Medium Puppy

$2.19 CAD

Royal Canin Medium Junior Dog Food is a complete dog feed for medium breed puppies (adult weight from 11 to 25 kg) up to 12 months old. Contains an exclusive combination of nutrients to support optimal digestive security (L.I.P. proteins) and a balanced intestinal flora (prebiotics: FOS, MOS) which also contribute to good stool quality. 

Key Benefits:

  • Meets the high energy needs of medium breed puppies which have a short growth period.
  • Helps ensure robust skeletal development in medium breed puppies thanks to an adapted intake of calcium and phosphorus.
  • Helps support the puppy’s natural defences, thanks particularly to an antioxidant complex and manno-oligo-saccharides.
  • Supports a puppy's growing nutritional needs.

Can be used as a complete feed or as part of a wet-food/ dry-food mix.

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