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Wholesome Blend All Life Stages Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon

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Wholesome Blend® GRAIN FREE Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon Recipe is formulated for Small /Medium dogs (less than 50 lb.) through all life stages, with moderate levels of protein and fat, 90% of the total dietary protein from fish.
90% TOTAL PROTEIN FROM FISH- A combination of Fresh & Salt water caught Salmon, Menhaden & Whitefish.

25% FRESH FRIUTS & VEGGIES- Loaded with a rich variety of bio-available fruits, veggies & Low-glycemic carbohydrates.

OMEGA 6-3-9 - A Unique Blend of Olive Oil, Canola Oil & Fish Oil.

PRE & PROBIOTICS - Unique blend of growth activity & live bacteria to ensure healthy digestibility

HEALTHY BOTANICALS - Selected functional Botanicals to naturally assist in overall pet wellness.

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