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Boreal Zinpro Canine Zinc Supplement

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Zinpro Canine Zinc Supplement - If your dog is having scratching, irritated skin problems due to known or unknown causes your dog may not be absorbing enough zinc. If a dog is being fed a premium pet food or a special diet, and is still having skin & coat problems it is worth trying the Zinpro Canine Zinc Supplement to see if there is a zinc deficiency.

Dogs need zinc for healthy coats and for normal pigmentation of the coat hair. Zinpro Canine Zinc Supplement is a patented organic source of zinc for animals. Zinpro is made by linking the amino acid methionine with zinc to form a structure that can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Zinc serves two broad functions; Enzyme function and protein synthesis. This enables proper cell reproduction in skin, coat, footpads and nails which consist of mostly protein.

Suggested Use:

Feed 1 level tablespoon (approximately 10gms) per 50lb (22kg) of body weight daily. This should be top-dressed or mixed with food daily. For larger breeds, give multiples of 1 tablespoon per 50lb (22kg) of body weight daily. The above doses achieve a dose rate of approximately 15-20mg of elemental zinc from zinc methionine per 20lb (10kg) of dog. With the advice of your veterinarian, feed Zinpro Canine Supplement at double the above dosage for the initial 28 days or during periods of stress.


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