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Boxo Small Animal Bedding

From $6.99
Soft, highly absorbent bedding material, controls odors, safe and cozy.  Contains no aromatic oils or chemicals.  Recycled virgin paper materials, trimmings from the manufacturing of consumer paper products. 

Brown's Chinchilla Dust Bath

Your chinchilla will be very happy with Brown's Natural Chinchilla Bath. Offer the dust bath for routine cleaning and grooming purposes, twice weekly in a shallow pan or litter tray before morning feeding times. Your chinchilla will soon jump right into it to be cleaned and groomed. Remove the dust...

Brown's Naturally Fresh Aspen Bedding

Brown’s® super soft aspen bedding is clean, comfortable, naturally fresh and free of aromatic oils. The fluffy flakes are an ideal bedding and nesting material for small animals, birds and some reptiles. We super clean and filter all our bedding material to eliminate dust and debris. The kiln dried hardwood...

Brown's Naturally Fresh Corn Cob

Brown's Naturally Fresh! Corn Cob Small Animal & Bird Bedding. Brown's Naturally Fresh! Corn Cob Small Animal & Bird Bedding provides a safe and healthy environment for your small animal or bird with a naturally fresh cage liner.

Brown's Naturally Fresh Sifted Softwood

Dual Absorption and odor control form both the corn cob and confetti paper to help keep cages dry and comfortable. Confetti Paper act as a toy for shredding; creating hours of fun and exercise to relieve cage boredom.

Brown's Naturally Fresh Ultra-Sorb Plush

Brown’s® Ultra-Sorb Plush! Pulp Fiber Bedding and Litter is a superior alternative to conventional bedding. It’s simply the most absorbent bedding available. It’s a natural product made from virgin paper pulp fibers. These fibers maximize odor control and moisture absorption through dramatically increased surface area. It’s gentle and free of...

Carefresh Litter Pet Bedding

From $7.99
CareFresh Complete Natural Paper Pet Bedding is the safest and healthiest bedding for your pet made from reclaimed pulp waste.  This short fiber pulp is free of ink, dye, clay and other chemicals that can be used in the paper making process.  10 day odor control with Odor Stop formula...

Cozy'N Fresh Litter Pine Pellets

Cozy' N Fresh™ Natural Pine Pellets with activated carbon controls more odors and last longer in the cage. The wood carbon is activated in the pellet making process with heat and oxygen. Activation produces millions of pores within the pellet to absorb additional odors and produces a longer lasting product...

Pestell Pine Shavings

Natural, absorbent, biodegradable bedding and litterFor all your small animals and caged birds. Provides a soft, comfortable and clean nesting area for your pets.

Pestell Pine Shavings Press Pack

From $2.99
Combining the softness of pine with the odour control of cedar.
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