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In-Store Grooming

In-Store Grooming:

PetMax Hamilton offers full service grooming for both dogs and cats of all breeds. Our professional groomers have many years of experience and can provide you with the work you request, whether it be a complete grooming, or just a nail trim. We do not offer grooming at our Burlington location.

Regular grooming is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. It is important to start these activities as early as possible – preferably as a puppy. This will allow your pet to become accustomed to being groomed. We book your appointment at a specific time and most dogs are usually done within an hour to an hour and a half. There is no need to drop your dog off in the morning and leave it there all day. Our appointments are less stressful on your pet and you are welcome to stay and watch your pet being groomed.

Please call for an estimate on having your pet groomed, but please remember, this is only an estimate as all breeds and pets are not created equal! Some breeds have a single coat, others have a double coat, and some have wire hair, without seeing your pet it is difficult to give an exact price. Coat conditions vary greatly and with problems such as severe matting your groom may take extra time as well as increase the price. We will confirm all prices before proceeding.

PetMax offers a discount on your next visit if you book your next appointment with us at the time of payment. The next appointment must be within a 3 month period to qualify for this discount. We recommend having your pet groomed once a season. If your pet is maintained on a seasonal basis it will require less time to groom and therefore we can offer you a savings. These are a few of the grooming services we offer:

Full Service –       
A complete grooming including a bath, drying, clipping, nails, ears, and anal gland expressing if required.
Bath and Dry –   

Includes washing and rinsing with either an oatmeal shampoo for sensitive skin and allergies, a flea control shampoo, or a medicated shampoo for itchy, dry, sensitive skin. These shampoos are tearless to help protect the eyes.


Bath and Go –  

In the summer we offer a bath, and towel dry only. This might appeal to people who have a short hair dog that does not require any grooming but requires a bath; your pet can then dry outside in the hot weather. This feature is only available when weather permits.

Clip and Go – 

We offer a clipping with no bath or any other feature. This might appeal to people who bath their own pet at home and only require a clipping.


Brush Out –  

This is done to remove excess coat that is lost due to shedding. Pets usually lose their coats once a season. If this coat is not removed it may become matted and even painful to your pet. Our groomers use specialty tools such as dematting rakes and combs, shedding blades, shampoo conditioners, untanglers, etc.


Nail Clipping –  

Care and experience is required to cut a pet’s nails ensuring that you do not cut the quick which can cause the nail to bleed. If your pet does not walk on abrasive surfaces their nails will continue to grow and can cause your pet a lot of pain.


Shave Down –  
    This may be necessary when the pet’s coat becomes extremely matted to the point that the only option is to shave off the coat. If your pet is groomed regularly this will not be a problem. Some people request that their pet be shaved due to the heat of the summer. Extra care should be taken when this is done as your pet’s coat is a natural protection from the sun as pets may get sunburnt the same as we do.

      Ear Cleaning and Plucking –  

        Excess dirt and wax is removed from your pet's ears. Care is taken not to clean too deeply as that can result in injury. Further, keeping the ears clean can prevent bad odors and possible infections. Some breeds such as Cocker Spaniels are more prone to this type of problem.


        Eyes Cleaned –  

          Excess dirt is gently wiped from the eye area. Eye tearing is natural but if this condtion becomes excessive you should consult your veterinarian.

          Foot Pad Trim –  

            Hair between the pads are trimmed. This is especially helpful in the winter when ice balls may form between the dog’s pads and cling to the hair causing pain when walking.

            Cologne –  

              If requested we will use a pet cologne on your pet to make them smell pretty.

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