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Brown's Extreme Cockatiel Fruit N Nut

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  • Sku: B44603

Product description

Brown’s® Tropical Carnival® Fruit & Nut Cockatiel, Conure & Lovebird Treat is loaded with extremely great stuff! It’s jam-packed with a balanced blend of natural, wholesome fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies that your bird will find enticing and nutritious. It’s a great way to reward your pets during training or just because you love them. 

We’ve sized our treat bits and pieces to be “Just the Right Size Bites” for cockatiels and other small Hookbill birds! Our chewy & crunchy morsels are stimulating and fun to eat. It’s simply a natural fit that’s good for them too!

• An Irresistible Treat for Cockatiels, Conures & Lovebirds! 
• Loaded with Extremely Great Fruits, Nuts, Seeds & Veggies!
• A Great Training Treat or Reward
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Brown's Extreme Cockatiel Fruit N Nut