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Brown's Natural Parakeet Food

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For many years, the Brown’s family has produced the finest parakeet foods available. Our Encore® Classic Food is a wholesome, natural daily diet with vitamins and minerals, specifically formulated for parakeets. Plus, we’ve blended a wide variety of highly palatable appealing tastes, textures and shapes that help relieve cage boredom and stimulate the natural foraging instinct. We’re sure your parakeet will love our food. It’s simply a natural fit!

• Natural with vitamins and minerals
• Wholesome Seeds and Grains!
• With ZOO-Vital® Biscuits

A Balanced Diet for Parakeets
• ZOO-Vital® Biscuits: The unique varieties of shapes, textures and biscuit densities provide needed exercise and stimulation. Each natural biscuit contains beneficial bacteria to help support good digestion, plus the vitamins and nutrients required for the overall well-being of your companion pet. 
• Seeds & Grains: Excellent sources of complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Essential B vitamins support energy utilization and the growth process.
• Natural Preservatives
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Brown's Natural Parakeet Food

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