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Furminator Nail Clipper

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The Furminator Nail Clipper is the perfect solution for pet owners who want to keep their pet's nails properly groomed without the risk of injury. It's designed with a unique and proprietary system to provide a safe and easy nail care experience. Achieve professional results without sacrificing your pet's comfort.


Monitor your pet's nails to avoid overgrowth.

Pets' nails should not touch the floor when standing. Regular maintenance is important for the health and comfort of your pet.

Before starting, note where the dead nail ends and where the live part, the quick, starts. Hold the paw firmly while gently pressing the base of each nail with your thumb.

Use the nut on the outside of the nail guide to adjust desired cutting depth.

Until you and your pet are comfortable, take small clips. Cut off just a little bit every few days.

Product Benefits

Features an adjustable guide to make nail trimming efficient and painless, eliminating sore paws, legs and hips.

Sharp, stainless steel cutting edge ensures a clean, even cut without crushing the nail.

Non-slip, ergonomic handle for complete control.

Anti-microbial plastic helps keep germs and bacteria to a minimum.

Regular trimming (recommended every 3-4 weeks) promotes comfort and health.

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Furminator Nail Clipper


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