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Marineland Essential LED POD Strip 29 Gallon

$90.99 CAD

The Marineland® Fully Adjustable Essential LED Light for 29 gallon aquariums fits 30-36 inch tanks. It includes 4 white and 2 blue LED PODs for customization across your fish tank. Move or add PODs to highlight key areas in your aquarium while also controlling intensity. Use the color recommendations on packaging to create different assortments, like color-enhancing, color-changing and GloFish® looks. The 29 gallon light fits up to 19 LED PODs, allowing you the flexibility to create an aquarium environment unique to your personal style.

•FULLY ADJUSTABLE ESSENTIAL LED LIGHT: The truly modular design lets you easily add and arrange PODs for a customized aquarium look. 
•FITS 29 GALLON AQUARIUMS: The mounting legs adjust from 30 inches to 36 inches to fit your specific fish tank needs, and the light strip holds up to 19 LED PODs.
•CUSTOMIZE COLOR: Move or add PODs to highlight key areas in your aquarium and find recommended assortments for color-enhancing, color-changing and GloFish looks.
•ADJUST AND ARRANGE LIGHTING BASED ON PERSONAL PREFERENCE: Create a unique underwater space with customizable lighting that offers adjustable mounting length, light intensity controls and customizable LED pod arrangements.
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