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Oster Convex2 Blending Shear

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Product description

Convex2 Blending Scissor is primarily used like regular shears on the last 1/4 inches of the hair to produce a softer, smoother finish to the coat by taking away clipper and scissor marks produced from a solid cutting edge. It can be used as a bulk blender/thinner, but Oster recommends using an Oster undercoat rake, since the shears can sometimes create the appearance of holes in the finish when used in this manner.

  • Quiet, smooth-performing convex scissors great for trimming your pet's coat
  • Professional grade hardware and cryogenically tempered steel forged from high-quality 440C stainless steel
  • Performs like regular shears to remove clipper and scissor lines and provide a soft, smooth finish to the coat
  • Premium-quality convex-edge blade assures easy, safe cutting
  • Offset, ergonomic, short-shank handle features adjustable tension and removable finger rest
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Oster Convex2 Blending Shear

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