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Oster Convex2 Straight Left-Handed Shear

$69.99 CAD

Count on industry-leading Oster for optimum pet grooming solutions. Use the Oster Convex2 Heavy 8-Inch Straight Scissor on virtually any dog. It particularly excels on thick, curly coats and makes rounding hard, straight lines on a scissor trim very easy. It’s ideally suited for Standard Poodle top knots and thick-coated Bichon heads. The Convex2 is engineered with exclusive microscopic serrations that hold the hair for precise cutting on every stroke. The cryogenically tempered blade forged from high-quality 440C stainless steel ensures smooth performance and a soothing, quiet sound. The offset, short-shank, ergonomic handle features adjustable tension and a removable finger rest to provide you with comfort during grooming.

  • Quiet, smooth-performing shear great for trimming your pet?s coat
  • Professional grade hardware and cryogenically tempered steel forged from high-quality 440C stainless steel
  • Especially useful on thick, curly coats, such as poodles
  • Premium-quality convex-edge blade assures easy, safe cutting
  • Offset, ergonomic, short-shank handle features adjustable tension and removable finger rest
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