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Zeus K9 Fitness Fetch Stick Dog Toy

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The Zeus K9 Fitness Fetch Stick Dog Toy is the perfect toy for action-packed play sessions. The bright yellow and blue designs are easily visible to dogs, who have dichromatic vision, while the TPR and Foam materials provide a stimulating texture for your pup. This toy is an ideal way to keep your pup happy and healthy with regular exercise.


Regular exercise keeps dogs happy and healthy. Zeus Fitness TPR and Foam Toys are the ideal toys to use for action-packed play sessions and will keep your dog engaged with a variety of stimulating textures. The Fetch Stick is perfect for an interactive game of fetch in the water. Additionally, dogs have dichromatic vision, and as such, they are able to distinguish between different shades of blue and yellow. These Zeus toys were designed using vibrant yellow and blue patterns so your dog is easily able to locate them.

Zeus Fitness products are also made of durable materials to withstand your dog’s rough play.

Product Benefits

Key Features:

Blue and Yellow
Made of durable materials such as ballistic nylon and/or TPR (thermoplastic rubber)
Combination of strong TPR and Foam
Flexible and Lightweight
Ideal for dogs who love to swim and play fetch

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Zeus K9 Fitness Fetch Stick Dog Toy

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