Almo Nature: On a Mission to Aid Ukrainian Animal Shelters

Almo Nature: On a Mission to Aid Ukrainian Animal Shelters

Our friends at Almo are working hard to help the animals in crisis in Ukraine. Read about how they're helping animals in need during these trying times on their statement below:

"As the situation worsens in Ukraine, local animal rescue groups are able to do less and less to help animals in need, making outside help essential. Fondazione Capellino (the nonprofit organization that owns Almo Nature) has been working to provide aid to Ukrainian animal rescue groups.

Currently, relief supplies and volunteers can only enter Ukraine through official humanitarian corridors. The Foundation has partnered with Italian animal rights group, LAV which has been running convoys from Italy to the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. Almo Nature emergency food has been loaded onto vans and the convoy will make the 12- to 15-hour drive to the border where they will hand over the supplies to volunteers from Ukrainian animal shelters.

Many shelters, particularly in Kyiv, have become overwhelmed and are running out of space for rescued cats and dogs. To help alleviate the situation, they will bring animals to the convoy for transport back to Italy where they will be taken in by local shelters.

This will be an ongoing effort and the Foundation is working with other European organizations to expand its support and aid to the people, cats and dogs of Ukraine.

We will keep you updated on the mission's progress."

Thank you Almo for all that you are doing to help animals in need!

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