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Almo Nature Unscented Clumping Plant-Based Grass Cat Litter

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Description du produit

Almo Nature Unscented Clumping Plant-Based Grass Cat Litter has superior absorption & clumping action, made with 100% vegetable fiber that's compostable, flushable & biodegradable. Neutralizing plant enzymes tackle odors while its soft texture is gentle on paws. Environmentally friendly & free of chemicals, additives & toxic agents.



To avoid tracking, we advise placing a mat in front of the tray.


Pour the product into the litter tray to create a base approximately 0.8 in deep (for a 12 x 16 in tray 2.2 lb will be sufficient)


Remove the clumps with a large, mesh scoop and dispose of them directly into the toilet* or the compost


Replenish cat litter base to 0.8 in deep.


If you decide to wash the litter tray, do not throw the clean litter away – you can reuse it (the rapid formation of soiled clumps ensures the hygiene of the surrounding product)

DISPOSAL OF THE EMPTY BAG The CatLitter bag is made of PE-LD 04 (low density polyethylene). It is 100% recyclable and should be disposed of with plastic recyclables.

Avantages du produit

Made of 100% vegetable fiber that’s compostable, flushable and biodegradable.

Plant enzymes help neutralize unpleasant odors.

Helps absorb urine instantly and provides superior clumping action.

100% free of chemicals, additives and toxic agents.

Offers a soft texture that’s gentle on paws.

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Almo Nature Unscented Clumping Plant-Based Grass Cat Litter

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