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Nourriture pour chiens Open Farm Saumon sauvage et céréales anciennes

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Description du produit

Cette croquette côtière est une excellente source de nutriments et d'acides gras oméga 3, grâce à un mélange soigneux de saumon frais du Pacifique approuvé par Ocean Wise® et de céréales anciennes, sans pois, pommes de terre ni légumineuses.


Saumon, avoine, farine de corégone, sorgho, quinoa, huile de noix de coco, farine de hareng, arôme naturel, millet, citrouille, huile de saumon, pommes, graines de chia, chlorure de potassium, sel, racine de chicorée, chlorure de choline, supplément de vitamine E, pantothénate de calcium , Supplément de niacine, supplément de vitamine A, supplément de riboflavine, supplément de vitamine D3, supplément de vitamine B12, mononitrate de thiamine, acide folique, protéinate de zinc, iodate de calcium, taurine, mélange de tocophérols (conservateur), cannelle, curcuma

Avantages du produit

Formulé pour aider les animaux à prospérer :

Saumon pêché dans la nature approuvé par OceanWise®
Un mélange sain de grains anciens comme le millet, le quinoa, le sorgho et les graines de chia

Pas de pois, de légumineuses et de pommes de terre

Sans maïs, blé ou soja

Sans arômes artificiels ni conservateurs

Pas de sous-produits de volaille ou de viande

Pas de farine de volaille ou de viande fondue

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Nourriture pour chiens Open Farm Saumon sauvage et céréales anciennes

Customer Reviews

Based on 959 reviews
Review F.o.
back to open farm

Originally left Open farm to find a more affordable option.
After trying different brands & not finding a suitable ingredient list, i decided to switch back to Open farm. Also discovered the gently cooked food to help my pittie gain some weight.

Review F.o.
My dog loves this food.

My dog loves this food. I highly recommend it.

Review F.o.
Salmon and Ancient Grains - for the win

The doggoes love this flavour!!!! My younger dog cannot wait for this and with a little topper of bone broth , she leaps to her space to eat sometimes skidding into place. ( slippery floors)

Review F.o.
Iffy at first

I tried this because the normal dry kibble I buy was out of stock everywhere and the ingredients were right up my alley with this food. I’m very picky when it comes to food for my boys. At first my guys didn’t want anything to do it with it (they love their old kibble) but not they love it. It’s mixed with another flavor so maybe that helped. But they free feed with the kibble (always food in the bowl) and get wet food twice a day.. but over all I would def but this again.

We are so happy to hear that Open Farm has won your pups over!
We are so proud to serve you and your pups:green_heart:

Review F.o.
So glad we found something she will eat!

My wonderful German Shepherd is so picky that she would rather go hungry than eat something she doesn't like. We have been through three or four foods and I mean expensive Foods and she's turned her nose up. You cannot imagine my joy when she cleaned her Bowl and continues to clean her Bowl.