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Dr. Maggie Paw Protector Protective Paw Wax for Dogs & Cats

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This natural, gentle paw balm contains Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Lecithin and Calendula to protect critters with sensitive paws from heat, cold, abrasive ground, and other irritants. The balm also relieves irritated paws and helps heal wounds, cuts, and cracks.


Natural ingredients create a barrier for protection and moisturize dry, cracked pads.

Dr. Maggie Paw Protector is a blend of waxes, moisturizers and healing agents for year-round protection. The natural ingredients penetrate the skin within minutes and are safe for your dogs and cats. The waxes harden in cold weather to provide a barrier to salt, snow, and ice. In the summertime regular use helps to maintain the normal moisture content of the skin, protecting from hot pavement and rough terrain.

Soothe and moisturize dry, cracked pads
An alternative to dog boots
Stops irritation from weather conditions
Safe if ingested in small amounts
Suitable for cats and dogs

Product Benefits

Coconut Oil speeds wound healing and increases hydration of paws to soothe and soften skin.

Cocoa Butter is high in fatty acids, providing deep hydration and nutrients to the skin.

Almond Oil is high in antioxidants and healthy fats which nourish and strengthen skin cells to allow them to retain more moisture.

Beeswax forms a protective barrier over the pad without clogging pores. It has also been shown to rehydrate and rebuild damaged skin cells.

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Dr. Maggie Paw Protector Protective Paw Wax for Dogs & Cats

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