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Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

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Ensure your pet's paws are safe no matter the season with Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax. This all-natural wax uses food-safe oils and waxes to provide safe, invisible protection against drying and cracking. Not just for dogs, this wax is also safe for cats, chickens, and horses. It moisturizes and soothes dry, cracked paws, providing relief and healing. It's must-have in any animal first-aid kit.


SAFE AND ALL-NATURAL-Our natural paw balm for dogs is made from food-safe oils and waxes, so it's A-OK even if they lick them. Our pet paw balm is safe to use even on the most sensitive pets.

ALL SEASON PROTECTION-Musher's Secret creates invisible dog paw protectors so your furry friend's paws have protection against drying and cracking. Our awesome product is dog paw balm for snow, hot pavement, rough terrains, and more!

SAFE FOR OTHER ANIMALS-Musher's Secret is a must in any animal first aid kit. It was originally formulated as dog protection, but it's safe to use on most domestic and exotic animals like cats, chickens, and horses.

MOISTURIZING AND HEALING-Musher's Secret Dog Paw Wax relieves and soothes dry, cracked paws because it is made from uber-moisturizing oils and waxes. Our good dog paw balm is safe to apply on hot spots and cuts, too!

MADE IN CANADA-We are a 3rd generation, family-owned business from Canada. Our recipe was originally developed for Canadian Sled Dogs, so it needed to be effective. We are honored to BRING OUR SECRET TO YOU and your pets.

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Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

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