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Nutrience Canned Dog Food Grain Free Pork, Lamb & Venison Pâté

$3.39 CAD

Nutrience Grain-Free wet food is a Canadian-made, delicate pâté of pork, lamb and venison. Our wet foods are also a tasty way to provide essential hydration. Our Grain-Free formula offers all the same nutritious ingredients but without the grain.

Our Pork, Lamb & Venison formula is one of our hypoallergenic diets that suits dogs with an active lifestyle and dogs who are sensitive to poultry. Our Grain-Free formulas are great for pet owners who simply prefer to feed their dog a grain free diet.

Key Features :

  • Made in Canada
  • Grain-Free
  • Ideal for dogs with an active lifestyle, and dogs with sensitivity to poultry
  • 369 g (13 oz)


Daily Feeding Recommendation :

Feed according to age, activity, environment and breed of your dog. Adjust feeding amounts as needed. Feed at room temperature and refrigerate unused portion. Always provide access to clean fresh water.

Weight of dog Cans per day - Adult Cans per day - Puppy
2.2 kg/5 lbs ¾ 1
6.8 kg/15 lbs 2
13.6 kg/30 lbs
22.6 kg/50 lbs 5
34 kg/75 lbs 7
45.3 kg/100 lbs
49.8 kg/110 lbs 6
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