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Zoe Dental Bones Vanilla & Mint

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If the name is Zoë, it means a lot. To us what you call a product is every bit as important as what is in that product. A name well chosen should convey the product's principal benefit, which is why we named our dog treats Zoë.

The Zoë Dental Bones have a bone-like shape and a chewy texture that helps maintain tooth and gum health while reducing bad breath and tartar bulid-up. Made in the USA, these treats have no corn, wheat or soy. The treats have added vitamin C to help maintain cellular health which helps support a strong and healthy immune system.

We carefully select our ingredients and focus on healthy products so that when you feed Zoë you can be confident you are "treating" your pet well.

Key Features :

  • No wheat, corn or soy 
  • Made in the USA
  • Vanilla and mint flavour
  • With Vitamin C for a healthy immune system
  • Helps prevent bad breath
  • Chewy texture helps maintain tooth and gum health
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Zoe Dental Bones Vanilla & Mint

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