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Rollover Dog Food Lamb & Rice Roll

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Rollover's Semi-Moist Premium Rolls are formulated to meet a dog's daily nutritional requirements for all life stages. Each of the Premium rolls are made with real meat from human grade facilities combined with Canadian grown whole grains. The ingredients are sealed in the protective casing and steamed, allowing all the original vitamins, minerals and juices found in the meat to naturally preserve the product. The result is a healthy, delicious all natural food that dogs love and flourish on.

Feed Rollover dog food alone, as a complete meal, or supplement with your dogs favorite dry food. To feed simply slice off the required amount and either chop or grate into the dogs bowl. Since Rollover dog food is made with real meat, once opened, maintain freshness by storing the unused portion in an air tight container in the refrigerator. Food can be frozen for prolonged storage.

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Rollover Dog Food Lamb & Rice Roll