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Sac de transport pour chien Tuff Deluxe

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Sac de transport pour chien Tuff Deluxe

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Brian L.
Works great but two small issues

I bought the medium size which fits my medium breed perfectly. The crate is perfect for travelling with my dog in the car and I use it virtually everyday. I am happy with the overall quality especially for $41.99 (you can't go wrong for that price!!).
With that being said, I have two small issues I would like to point out. First, I have a bmw with sport suspension (it's a harder ride than most cars) so every time I hit a bump the metal door on the crate rattles which drives me absolute bonkers since I travel with my dog everyday. Second, the carrying handle pulls out of the top and only extends to about a 60 degree angle which doesn't make a lot of sense if you're trying to use it to carry your dog with. It makes for a very awkward experience. Instead of using the handle I have resorted to just carrying the whole unit. The handle only works well went it is empty.
Other than those two things this crate is a beauty and works great for your everyday needs and like I said, you can't go wrong for the price!

Hello Brian,
Thanks for your review and the feedback regarding the Tuff Deluxe Dog Carrier. We will be sure to pass on these concerns to the manufacturer for you! If you have any additional questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible!
Thanks again!